Linda lives in Royal Oak, Michigan with her husband and rescue dog, Maisey. She has two grown sons. Linda teaches second grade full time, but her love for writing and reading has cultivated a new adventure in life. She loves to travel and is sure that guardian angels and faeries do exist.



Linda’s Blog

The inspirational business card hung by my desk. I picked it up in a novelty store somewhere along the journey, and it reminded me that my goal was obtainable. The colors never faded, not even in the brightest of sunlight. The words never dulled, not even on the coldest of Michigan days. The tape holding it to the wall never failed with the passing of years. And when I moved from the place where I cultivated my passion for writing and raised my two sons, I packed the card with care, and the words followed me to my new home, where I live with my husband to share a new beginning, in more ways than one.

The words on the card read, “If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it.” Author, unknown.

I never stopped reading it in my years of writing and rewriting, of querying, and reading critiques. The neat piles of notes. The notebook of ideas. The list of titles. The unpublished manuscripts that brought me to the place I am today. The emails from far away acquaintances kind enough to offer advice and guidance. RWR Magazines, Writer’s Digest, not so neatly stacked, but in the right place for easy reference. It all had meaning.

And now, my vision awaits on the threshold of reality. Maggie’s Way will be available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, Summer 2015. I am excited to introduce Maggie and Chloe to the world, in this women’s fiction novel that constitutes “book 1” in my series, Montana Bound contracted through Soul Mate Publishing.